7 Day Health Guarantee
Should anything befall your new animal please contact us immediately, all of our animals are guaranteed to be healthy, alert and eating. Photos of the deceased animal, your tank, and some information about your care will be required to rectify the problem. If it is found that there is no obvious oversight on your part, you will receive a full refund or a replacement of similar value, not including the price of shipping.
It is well known that frogs can be very delicate creatures and as such we do not offer any guarantees past live arrival. While we do guarantee your frog will arrive to you happy and healthy, we unfortunately can't predict lapses in husbandry that may result in loss of life. However if after arrival you see cause for concern, please contact us immediately and we will do all we can to address the situation.
Payment Options
At the moment we only accept Cash and Email Money Transfer. To place an order please contact us directly at mostlyjustgeckos@gmail.com or via our Facebook or Instagram page
Deposits and Holds
We offer a 30 day hold on any animal providing a 25% non refundable, non transferable deposit is paid. Should payment not be made in full by the end of the agreed upon terms, the animal and all preceding payments will be forfeit. (We really aren't that heartless so please don't make us test this rule). Once all payments have been made it is time to ship, to see more details on that, please click here.

To place an order please contact us on our Facebook or Instagram pages or at mostlyjustgeckos@gmail.com
*All prices include Tax

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