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7 Day Health Guarantee

Should anything befall your new animal within 7 days of you receiving it, please contact us immediately, all of our animals are guaranteed to be healthy, alert and eating. Photos of the deceased animal, your enclosure, and some information about your care will be required to rectify the problem. If it is found that there is no obvious oversight on your part, you will receive a full refund or a replacement of similar value, not including the price of shipping.



It is well known that frogs can be very delicate creatures and as such we do not offer any guarantees past live arrival. While we do guarantee your frog will arrive to you happy and healthy, we unfortunately can't predict lapses in husbandry that may result in loss of life. However if after arrival you see cause for concern, please contact us immediately and we will do all we can to address the situation.




All animals listed as sexed come with an accuracy guarantee however many of the species we sell are not reliably sexed under a certain age or entirely unsexable as a whole. In the rare event of a mis-sexed animal please contact us and we will address the situation to the best of our ability. We offer no guarantees on pore sexing.

Tail Loss

Generally speaking, tail loss does not affect the value of a gecko, however we understand that the loss of a tail on an animal you have just purchased can be hard to stomach. Should a tail be lost after payment but in our care you may opt out of the sale forfeiting the equivalent of a 25% deposit. We do not offer any refunds on animals that have lost their tails during shipping.


Rub Nose

Lets face it, no one wants to be in a deli cup for any length of time and unfortunately in some cases, the urge to escape results in the rubbing of the nose throughout the shipping process. While a rubbed raw nose is unsettling, it happens infrequently, heals within a few weeks and does not affect the overall health of the animal. No compensation will be offered should your animal develop rub nose during shipping.


Shipping can be stressful on an animal, in some cases this triggers a shedding cycle. Should you receive your gecko in shed, it is your responsibility to ensure the shed cycle is completed fully including toes and feet.  We guarantee that no gecko leaves our care during a shed cycle and and we take no responsibility for the results of shedding during shipping and all future problems due to shedding are not covered by our 7 Day Health Guarantee. 

Deposits and Holds due to Weather


All holds require a 25% non refundable, non transferable deposit and must be paid in full within 30 days of purchase, 60 days if it is a Winter/Summer hold. Should you have buyers remorse or otherwise decide to back out of the sale after the 30 days and you insist on not receiving your animals or you seem to be avoiding shipping once temperatures are safe again, you will forfeit the entirety of your previous payments. We do not want to be difficult on this matter but we are not in the business of buying back animals that are no longer wanted, even if they are still in our possession. Shipping does not need to be paid until closer to your shipping date and is not factored into your deposit total.

*Extenuating circumstances may be considered on a case by case basis.


*Please know that we are reasonable people and prefer not to have harsh rules but experience has shown us the need to protect ourselves. We are always here to talk if you have further questions on our policies, we would be happy to explain why we must operate this way.

Returns, Trades & Surrenders​


All sales are final. Returns are not an option for a number of reasons, should you have buyers remorse we unfortunately will not be able to trade or buy back your animal, nor can we post your animal on our site to help you sell them. We do however accept surrenders on all of our animals sold providing they are in apparent good health.


Payment Options


Cash is always welcome but we are now accepting payments via Square, both online and in person!


*All sales are final  *All prices include Tax  *No guarantees on pore sexing *No export of  CITES animals  *No shipping in extreme weather conditions

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