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About Us

To say we have been doing this forever really isn't much of a stretch. With over 20 years in the hobby respectively and two childhoods full of field herping adventure, we have both made the keeping of misunderstood animals, a way of life.

We know a lot of people don't understand exotics keepers, but we connect with these animals as much as you would a dog or cat. They are family members and companions albeit unconventional ones. What we strive to do is offer not only the healthiest animals we can, but also a wealth of experience that our years of keeping bring. We want to offer a wide array of supplies to encourage entry into this hobby and advice to ensure that those who do are informed and prepared.

Our collection is diverse and represents a lifetime of collecting and refining our tastes. Currently we focus on Geckos and Frogs, with assorted microfauna to aid in healthy habitats. Cresteds are one of our oldest breeding projects, with some of our retired breeders being F2 or F3 and over 15 years old. While most of our breeders are old lines, in recent years we have been bringing in new blood and new projects including the addition of two Lilly Whites in 2021. We also specialize in Gargoyle Geckos, we believe we have one of the largest collections in Canada. Just like Cresteds, we have old lines tracing back to breeders like Neil Meister and Clint Hill. There are also a few other small New Cal projects such as our pair of PI Chahoua and a few pairs of Eurydactylodes vieillardi.

Not only do we breed many animals in house, we also deal with a small group of hobby breeders and customers who supply us with animals that we guarantee are just as healthy as the ones we produce ourselves. In doing this we are able to offer a wider range of animals than we would be able to breed ourselves.

No matter your experience level we would love a chance to help better your hobby experience whether that be through advice, with a new addition to the family, or the supplies needed to build a new habitat. We hope that you enjoyed your visit to our site and we would love to hear from you soon.

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